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Last fall I had the pleasure of assembling and playing on the Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table, a piece of furniture that I still get compliments on, months later. And while gaming tables are nice, they’re not where I spend my day.

I work at home, so the majority of my time is spent at an Uplift Sit/Stand desk made with reclaimed wood (well, reclaimed wood pieces over a cheaper wood insert). It’s nice but it is very much a product of functionality. At the end of the day, it’s a desktop bolted to a raise/lower mechanism. Sure, you can attach storage cubbies, but it’s not really a desk.

Wyrmwood’s latest Kickstarter is for a real-wood, modular, sit/stand desk. There’s no veneer or laminate. No chip-board filler under the desktop. This is a piece of furniture that doesn’t just fill a space, it defines it.

The Basics

The Wyrmwood Modular Desk is available in seven woods: cherry, two types of walnut, eastern elm, padauk, wenge, and purpleheart. You can choose a large 30×60-inch or an extra large 36×78-inch desk.

There’s a fixed option as well as a sit/stand base that raises and lower the desk. It’s industrial strength and can handle a ton of weight (OK, not a literal ton…but a lot). It’ll also save three memory presets.

The desktop has spring-loaded cutouts for you to snake wires through. Just like the Modular Gaming Table, the base configuration desktop has a magnetic rail around the entire perimeter (except for the spot where you’ll stand, which is nicely carved out). In fact, it’s fully compatible with the accessories you purchased for your table. And that’s where the fun starts.

The Add-Ons

In addition to offering the cupholder, component organizers, and power pack accessories from the Modular Gaming Table, Wyrmwood has created a few new designs specifically for this campaign.

There’s a controller caddy for your gaming peripherals, a headphone stand (which comes in rail and desktop options, the headphone hanger can also be used for a purse or briefcase), a mug holder (and absolute necessity for any desk), and new cork coasters.

For your monitors, cameras, and speakers, there’s the “mount mount.” You can get it on its own or with a plate to support extra weight. In a recent Wyrm Lyfe vlog, they were able to mount three monitors on a single mount mount with base plate.

There are also extremely tempting upgrades that have nothing to do with the magnetic rail.

There’s a monitor stand/cubby that you can accessorize with drawers. There are dozens of variations of storage cubbies you can install under the desk itself. Choose from small, medium, or large drawers or skip drawers altogether and add doors.

Then there’s cable management. For most sit/stand desks, this is a messy, open trough or bag slung under the back of the desk. The Modular Desk option is a fully-installed wooden cubby with a closing door. It’s open in the back to accommodate cables and wires. It isn’t cheap, but anyone who’s struggled to tidy the cables under their sit/stand desk will know, it’s absolutely necessary.

The Price

So if you’ve read all of the above and are thinking “it sounds expensive” that’s because it is.

This is Wyrmwood’s first crowdfunding campaign with a limited number of backers and a high budget buy-in. Only 5,000 backers will be accepted at $3,000 per backer.

Bit of trivia, 5,000 backers, pledging $3,000 each will result in a $15,000,000 total pledge value (and that’s assuming everyone just pledges the base amount instead of pledging the full amount for their choice configuration). That will make it the third-biggest Kickstarter campaign of all time, bumping Coolest Cooler from the top three.

So why the limit? The company doesn’t want to repeat the operational mistakes they made with the Modular Gaming Table. While that campaign was a staggering success, it was a case of “too much of a good thing.” Even now, the company is still fulfilling orders, a year behind their original schedule. For the Modular Desk, they want to ensure they’re not overloading their production potential while meeting promised delivery schedules.


What about the high buy in? Because, honestly, it’s what backers are going to spend on these desks anyway. The wood choice is high quality and, once you start adding on storage, drawers, cubby doors, monitor stands, and accessories, you’re going to be at or over the $3,000 starting price.

It’s astonishingly easy to configure a desk that’s over $5,000 in the campaign’s configurator. In fact, hitting $8,000 or higher isn’t that hard to do either. That said, it is possible to configure a desk for well under the $3,000 buy-in.

Four of the seven woods, with a sit-stand base, come in under $3,000 in the base configuration. In fact, the cheapest configuration is “only” $1,750. However, select Padauk, Wenge, or Purpleheart and you’ll be over the buy-in before you make a single additional choice.

If you want to keep costs down, I recommend selecting a less expensive wood as the desktop and then adding accents in the more expensive woods. The nice thing about Padauk, Wenge, and Purpleheart is that they provide a nice pop of contrasting color when used as drawers or doors.

If you’re curious, play around with the online configurator. The prices there are exactly what you’ll pay for your desk when you configure it after the campaign. So you can figure out if your dream desk is in budget or if you need to dial back the design.

The Campaign

If the $3,000 buy-in doesn’t phase you, and you’re looking to get the best desk you possibly can buy, then I’d hurry over to the Wyrmwood Modular Desk Kickstarter page. The campaign starts on 10/18 at 2 PM ET and goes for two weeks.

As I mentioned, there are only 5,000 spots available for this campaign. While it’s likely that Wyrmwood will offer the Modular Desk for retail purchase at some point, it’ll be years down the road. The Modular Gaming Table is only just now edging its way towards retail availability and that’s over two years after the campaign ended.

If you want a Wyrmwood Modular Desk in 2023, pledge now.

While this is a crowdfunding campaign, Wyrmwood has a long history of delivering on their promises. They’re extremely transparent and easy to deal with. Plus they make the best wood products I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.


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