• September 26, 2022

Will The U.S. See A Recession?

Many forecasts are now calling for a U.S. recession. In fact, the first and second quarter of 2022 saw negative growth in the U.S. economy of -1.6% and -0.6% respectively on …

Just Two Cheers For Patagonia’s Chouinard: Why Ignore An ESOP?

As a business advisor and outdoors enthusiast, I’ve long admired Yvon Chouinard. Protecting nature is one of four core values of Patagonia, the global outdoor apparel and equipment company he founded …

Retail Has Endured Quiet Quitting For Years. Is It Worse?

Lament about the challenges of quiet quitting to members of the retail industry, and chances are they’ll say, “I’ve got a story for you.” Quiet quitting, a term that gained momentum …

Johnson & Johnson has been named as a Top 25 ”Dividend Giant” by ETF Channel, with a whopping $58.1B worth of stock held by ETFs, and above-average ”DividendRank” statistics including a strong 2.55% yield, according to the most recent Dividend Channel ”DividendRank” report. The report noted a strong quarterly dividend history at Johnson & Johnson, and favorable long-term multi-year growth rates in key fundamental data points.


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The annualized dividend paid by Johnson & Johnson is $4.52/share, currently paid in quarterly installments, and its most recent dividend ex-date was on 05/23/2022. Below is a long-term dividend history chart for JNJ, which the report stressed as being of key importance. Indeed, studying a company’s past dividend history can be of good help in judging whether the most recent dividend is likely to continue.

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