• December 3, 2022

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Lately, I’ve noticed that more computer accessory brands are marketing desk mats. It’s not a product I’ve ever considered getting before, but according to ALOGIC, the Australian computer accessory brand, knowledge workers spend approximately 850 hours each year (excluding weekends) working at their desks. And if you’re anything like me, your desk space is probably quite cluttered and somewhat messy. I’m right, aren’t I?

Now Journey – a sub-brand of ALOGIC – has announced the new ALTI desk mat, which includes a separate charging surface with two wireless charging areas that should tidy up even the most cluttered workspace. The desk mat is designed to promote a better and tidier work environment that’s neater and cleaner, hopefully boosting a worker’s productivity.

The ALTI desk mat is reversible and features a premium vegan leather and water-resistant surface on one side and a plush felt surface on the other for a warmer finish. One side-effect of the felt surface is that it makes a good sound absorber which can make your voice sound much better on video conferences or phone calls.

The separate charging panel with the ALTI desk mat attaches magnetically to the main mat and can be placed on the left or right side to suit the user’s preference. The detachable panel delivers up to 15W of power for wirelessly charging two devices like earbuds, smartphones, and other Qi-compatible gadgets. The ALTI can also be parted for stowing away paper and notes to create a tidier workspace or to keep confidential information away from prying eyes.

With a size of 370 x 780mm, the ALTI mat looks and feels sleek and gives a classy appearance to any desk. The size of the mat accommodates most keyboards and mice, with room to spare. the mat is available in a black or light grey option to suit most office décors.


Verdict: This is a smart desk mat. Despite my skepticism, it does make a genuine difference to a workspace. The mat can slide around easily enough to reposition a monitor but stays in place when typing. The surface also helps to deaden a keyboard’s sound and works well as a mouse mat. I love how the charging section can be attached magnetically on the left or right-hand side of the mat. Overall, this is a useful accessory that might make your workspace a little tidier and keep you more organized.

Pricing & Availability: The Journey ALTI desk mat is available in black and light grey color options and costs $129 / £109.99. There’s a 20% discount available if you use the code TAKE20 on the Journey website for USA buyers and journeyofficial.co.uk for UK buyers.

More info: journeyofficial.com


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