• June 26, 2022

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Several models of the Amazon Kindle will no longer be able to buy books from the Kindle Store.

Owners of the Kindle (2nd Gen) International, Kindle DX International, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle (4th Gen) and Kindle (5th Gen) will no longer be able to browse the store, nor buy or borrow books from it, according to a report on Goodreader.com.

Amazon is emailing affected customers, offering them a 30% discount on new Kindle hardware and $40 in free ebook credits for the inconvenience.


The affected devices are some of the oldest Kindles in the range, with some of them released well over a decade ago. The Kindle DX was first launched in 2009, for example, while the Kindle Keyboard followed a year later.

It’s not entirely clear why Amazon is removing access to its Kindle Store on these devices, although Goodreader speculates that it could be due to them supporting outdated versions of the TLS security protocol, which might make it unsafe for them to continue processing purchases.

Customers of the affected devices will still be able to read new content. They can either make the ebook purchases via the Amazon website and have the books transferred to their Kindle, or they can email the files to their devices.

It’s not the first time Amazon has removed features from Kindle readers. Last year the company announced that 3G Kindles would stop working in the U.S. because phone networks were beginning to switch off their 3G networks. Owners of those devices will still be able to buy and download books via the Wi-Fi connection.


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