• November 29, 2022

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Today Gucci makes its latest foray into the metaverse with its much anticipated debut in The Sandbox.

The Kering owned powerhouse bought land in the virtual world in February when it promised to build “an interactive fashion experience based on (Gucci) Vault” where “select metaverse fashion items created by Gucci designers will be available for players and creators to buy, own, and use in their own crafted experiences using The Sandbox’s creation tools.”

Gucci Vault, which launched in 2021, is the brand’s experimental online store it calls its metaverse “emissary” or representative, and features a mesh of archive sales, collaborative collections and NFT projects. The platform launched three physical pop-ups on Friday in New York, Los Angeles and London, taking over three Palace stores to celebrate its partnership with the hyped skateboard brand.

Now the Gucci Vault experience has been expanded for the metaverse with a two-week pop-up event running in The Sandbox October 27 to November 9 with a narrative dubbed “play-to-know.”

The experience begins in the ‘Garden of Curiosities’ featuring Gucci takes on ancient ruins and peopled by NPCs (that’s non player characters) in the form of robots with oversized computer heads to guide players through the digital activities on offer.


The journey continues through grand entrance hall lined with Doric columns which leads to a series of rooms featuring different gamified experiences based on the collision of past, present and future at the heart of the Vault’s proposition.

Activities include restoring a vintage Gucci bag in ‘Vault Vintage Lab,’ and decoding a riddle in the ‘Vault Room of Rhyme.’

The experience will also involve digital collectibles — hats, skate ramps and a car have been mentioned — presumably available to win or buy following the successful completion of the various challenges.

The brand says in a statement that these can be “showcased by players in their own lands” which likely translates as other spaces within The Sandbox as opposed to different metaverses. Although these might potentially be interoperable.

The statement adds that holders of Gucci Vault NFTs such as the SUPERGUCCI or Gucci Grail will have the possibility to claim a Gucci Vault Aura collectible for their avatars to wear in The Sandbox.

Earlier this year during Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland, Estée Lauder offered the opportunity for avatars to acquire Estée Lauder radiance auras (sparkly filters) to promote its famous Night Repair Serum.

Also on completion of various tasks, players in the Gucci Vault Sandbox game will be able to enter a raffle organized by The Sandbox to win unspecified rewards in addition to SAND, the name of The Sandbox’ utility token or currency.


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