• February 1, 2023

Texas Bill: Many Immigrants, H-1B Visa Holders Can’t Buy Property

A bill in the Texas state legislature would prohibit many immigrants and H-1B visa holders from China and three other countries from owning property in the state. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott …

Laid Off? Try The Cannabis Industry

As more states legalize cannabis and new weed markets expand, industry hiring remains strong. A new study from the CannabizTeam, an executive search and staffing firm, estimates there will be about …

Homebuilder Confidence Bump – The Spark That Could Ignite The Next Growth Cycle

The homebuilder positives, particularly the mortgage rate dip and the new home sales and potential buyer traffic bump, might look too small to produce optimism. After all, uncertainties and inflation realities …

This segment of What’s Ahead examines a pernicious idea that has a vise-like grip on Federal Reserve policy and is widely accepted among economists and policymakers.


The notion is that the economy is similar to a machine that can be guided, such as an automobile. Hence, the Fed-speak of an economy “overheating” or needing stimulus because it’s not growing fast enough.

The belief that a handful of people in Washington can constructively drive the activities of millions of people making billions of buy-and-sell decisions each day is beyond preposterous. The Fed is now trying to engineer a slowdown because of its belief that too much economic activity causes inflation. Creating too much money that undermines the value of the dollar is the real cause.

This coming Fed-engineered recession is unnecessary.

From the late 1980s through the late 1990s, the Fed focused on the integrity of the dollar. It should do so again.


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