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Coros has announced the POD 2, a small tracker you attach to the laces of your running shoes to provide metrics a watch alone can’t.

It pairs with one of Coros’s watches to augment stats generated with each workout. Attached to a foot it will offer stride length, cadence, temperature, elevation and altitude, and will enhance the pace, distance and GPS tracking of the watch itself.

A Coros POD 2 does not have its own GPS chip, though. Its sensors are a barometric altimeter, thermometer, compass, altimeter and gyroscope.

Wear the POD 2 on your waist rather than attached to a shoe and the stats change. You’ll get left/right balance, stride height and ratio, plus ground contact time.

On foot, a Coros POD 2 seems to largely enhance the style of stats you’d see from a running watch flying solo, while the focus turns to technique when it is attached to your waist.


You’ll also get a Coros-specific stat called Effort Pace. This is marketed as an equivalent to running power, which has gained attention recently thanks to its use in the Apple Watch Ultra, but Coros watches have had it for years.

Effort Pace is a “personalized” stat, specific to each person, and Coros said it plans to develop this for take additional elements into account, such as the weather.

The Coros POD 2 is made of fibre-reinforced polymer/plastic, and weighs just 5.6g. A battery charge lasts 28 hours of running, and a little charging dock is included. This dock has its own battery, enough to five further charges, a little like the charging case of a pair of true wireless earphones.

How is it different to the original Coros POD? The POD 2 is a lot smaller and lighter, and uses a rechargeable battery rather than a CR2032 watch battery. Water resistance also jumps from 1ATM to 3ATM.

The price jumps a little too. A Coros POD 2 costs $99, and is available now.


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