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Taiwan’s rocketing daily count of new Covid cases is nearing published estimates of infections in the United States, whose population is more than 14 times its size.

Taiwan, home to many of the world’s largest technology companies, on Wednesday announced 85,310 new domestic Covid-19 infections, a daily record, and 41 deaths from the disease, the Central News Agency said.

The daily figure compares with a U.S. seven-day average new daily case number of 102,807 published by the New York Times today. Taiwan has a population of approximately 23 million, compared with more than 330 million for the United States.

The 41 people who died included one child under age five, while the others were in their 50s to 90s; 20 were unvaccinated, CNA said. All had chronic illnesses or suffered from severe diseases such as cancer, with the exception was the under-five year old, who was unvaccinated, the news agency said.

Taiwan reported only 15,033 new domestic cases on April 31.


Taiwan is home to the world’s 22nd largest economy, and is a leading source of electronics products. Taiwan businesses that rank on the 2022 Forbes Global 2000list of the world’s top publicly traded companies out this month include Hon Hai Precision — the big supplier to Apple led by billionaire Terry Gou, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., or TSMC, which makes computer chips for Intel.

Others among Taiwan’s numerous Apple suppliers include Pegatron, Lite-On Technology, Inventec, Catcher Technology, Largan Precision and Compeq Manufacturing.

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