• September 26, 2022

Your State Pension Hates You

State laws mandate that pension fiduciaries have a duty of loyalty to manage retirement plan assets for the exclusive benefit of beneficiaries, i.e., state workers and retirees. Yet all-too-often public pension …

The Commercial Real Estate Market: Crash, Train Wreck, Or Apocalypse?

Dire warnings about commercial real estate appear almost daily these days. While office markets are stressed due to increased working from home, some real estate professionals see an increasingly bifurcated market, …

Apple’s Tim Cook Launches New Initiative: ‘It’s About Values’

The Southbank in London is a cultural hotspot. The National Theatre sits alongside stunning arts cinemas from the British Film Institute (BFI Southbank). And then there’s the Southbank Centre. This includes …

Short selling has worked well over the last two weeks. The week ahead is options expiration week (OPEX). Both this week and the following one have been bearish in the past, more so at this point in the election year cycle.

This screen rates stocks by seasonality and by relative strength. The screen has been inverted to reveal the potentially weakest stocks in order to identify short sale selections.

Dentsply Sirona has weak relative strength and June is the second weakest month of the year next to August. The stock has fallen about 55% of the time in June. The bearish weekly cycle has been correct in all six cases. Price may reach $34-$35.

Dentsplay Sirona Dai

ly Graph

Dentsply Sirona Weekly Cycle

Ebay has weak relative strength. The daily, weekly, and the monthly cycles are all in decline. The weekly cycle has been correct on sell signals in all eight cases in the last year. The 14th has been the weakest day of the month showing an average loss of 2%. The shares are likely to fall to $40.

Ebay Daily Graph

Ebay Weekly Cycle


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