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While understandably it’s Sony’s A95K Quantum Dot OLED TV range that’s grabbing all the headlines in the tech world right now, Sony’s more affordable regular OLED ranges for 2022 will likely be of more interest to the increasingly constrained bank accounts of many mainstream AV fans.

Sony has now revealed more details on these new A90K and A75K OLEDs, including the fact that they’re now available for pre-order in Europe, and their UK prices.

The A90Ks represent the smaller end of Sony’s 2022 OLED offering, shipping in 48 and 42-inch screen sizes. It’s now confirmed that the 42A90K will ship on July 11 while the 48A90K will ship on June 20, with launch pricing for the two models set at £1,899 and £1,799 respectively for the UK.

This will get you the inherent benefits of OLED technology together with native 4K resolutions, support for the HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision HDR formats, Sony’s premium Cognitive Processor XR, a flexible two-way stand and ‘one slate’ screen design, and a premium version of Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio technology that combines two large actuators using the TVs’ screens to make their sound with an integrated subwoofer.

Also present and correct on the A90Ks will be support for Sony’s Bravia Core streaming service, with its high-bandwidth streaming quality. Buying an A90K will entitle you to redeem up to 10 films from the Bravia Core library, and enjoy up to two years of unlimited streaming of other Bravia Core content.

Gamers are likely to be particularly interested in the A90K range given their relatively small screens, so it’s good to see Sony confirming as pre-ordering for these TVs is announced that they will support 4K/120Hz out of the box, as well as Sony’s Perfect For PlayStation 5 features (which you can find out more about here). Though of course, the TVs are perfectly capable of handling the latest features in PC and Xbox Series X gaming too.


The A75Ks, meanwhile, will offer fans of Sony’s OLED technology two bigger screen options, with the 65-inch version costing £2,799 and the 55-inch version costing £1,999. It’s now confirmed that both of these models will start shipping on June 15.

Aside from their larger screens, the A75Ks will chiefly differ from the A90Ks by not benefiting from a two-way desktop stand, and by not getting a dedicated subwoofer to back up the two actuators used to make sound from the screen.

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