• March 25, 2023

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If you’re working remotely, in a hybrid work situation that sees you spend a few days a working from home, or you’re a student, chances are you use a laptop for your computing needs. And while that laptop might be ideal for portability, it has one glaring weakness if you’re sitting down and staring at it for hours at a time: the display. Again, great for mobile working. But a serious compromise for extended work sessions. Even a 17-inch laptop display will leave you squinting after a few minutes of scrolling through spreadsheets. The solution is an external monitor, and MSI has a stylish option that won’t break the bank in the Modern MD271C Business and Productivity Monitor.

There’s a lot to like in this monitor, including a sleek design (it’s a 2021 reddot winner), a curved panel, an adjustable ergonomic stand, HDMI and USB-C support, an array of technology to ease eye strain — and an affordable $200 price.


The monitor arrives in several pieces, but assembles easily and without the need for tools. Connect the base to the stand, then the display snaps onto the stand. The small, round stand base uses minimal desk space. At about 28 inches wide, the monitor is a good size for a desk or table where there’s not a lot of room for a super-sized monitor. Connectivity is a choice of USB-C or HDMI, which covers off most laptops sold these days. You can also connect it to a desktop PC, Apple computers and laptops, and many game consoles (although it’s really not intended as a gaming monitor).

There are no extras like a built-in USB hub, but the Modern MD271C does include a pair of speakers.


The MSI Modern MD271C’s stand offers considerable flexibility to ensure you get a good view and to support an ergonomic setup. The display can be raised, titled, or swivelled.

The panel itself is 27-inches, at 1080p, which means you won’t be squinting. Larger panels are usually 4K resolution, but in one of this size you can get away with Full HD. Text was not quite as crisp as I am accustomed to, but then again the affordable price makes it easy to forgive. And unless you sit very close to the monitor, you’re not likely to notice.

MSI has included technology to reduce eye strain when used for extended periods. The panel is treated to reduce glare, features low blue light emission, and has anti-flicker tech, winning it a TÜV certification.

Picture Quality

This is not an especially impressive display in terms of picture (relatively low brightness and no features like HDR), but it’s a business monitor — for working on documents and web browsing, it was perfectly fine. In fact, it was pretty solid for streaming video as well, especially with that nicely curved panel to make the picture even more immersive.

Onscreen menus (controlled via buttons beneath the bottom edge of the monitor) offer plenty of picture customization and fine-tuning options. There are also modes accessible using the OSD buttons that optimize the picture for movies, working, gaming, and more.

It’s not a 32-inch, 4K display with wide color gamut coverage, but it’s not trying to be a professional series monitor. The MSI Modern MD271C is an affordable and compact business and productivity monitor — and it has the specs to support that mission.

MSI Modern MD271C Monitor Specs:

  • 27-inch display at 1080p (Full HD) resolution
  • 1500R curved VA LCD panel with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 75Hz refresh rate, 16.7 million colors, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 250 NITS brightness
  • HDMI (1.4) and USB-C connectivity
  • TÜV certified with reduced blue light, anti-glare, and anti-flicker technology
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 2 x 1W speakers
  • Adjustable stand with 25 degree tilt, 60 degree swivel, 110 mm height adjustment
  • 75 x 75mm VESA mountable
  • Weighs 13.51 lbs


If you’re in the market for a PC or console gaming monitor, a color-accurate monitor for digital media editing, or a super-sized 4K monitor that rivals a big screen TV, the MSI Modern MD271C is not going to make your short list.

However, if you’re interested in a relatively compact, stylish, ergonomic, and affordable business and productivity monitor to supplement your laptop’s display while working from home, the MSI Modern MD271C monitor is well worth considering.


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