• February 8, 2023

How The Fair Tax Act Of 2023 Might Work

The Readers Digest version of the Fair Tax Act of 2023 is that it replaces the income tax, payroll taxes that fund Social Security and Medicare and transfer (estate and gift) …

The Rise Of Spatial Thinking: The New Frontier For Insight-Driven Business

In our data-rich world, here’s the most fascinating aspect of spatial analysis: The more complex the problem, the more multi-layered it is, the more powerful spatial analysis is. Understanding and managing …

Pentagon Warns China Has More Nuclear Missile Launchers Than U.S. But There’s One Big Catch

The Pentagon has warned lawmakers on Capitol Hill that China now has more ground-based facilities capable of launching nuclear missiles than the U.S., according to a new report from the Wall …

A YouTuber has claimed that his Chinese supplier of graphics cards has said it expects Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) RTX 40 series gaming graphics cards to be shipped in less than four weeks.

The claim comes as Nvidia has been widely expected to delay the launch of GPUs such as the expected RTX 4080, due to oversupply of older RTX 30 series models, which have seen a glut of products following the recent crypto crash and miners selling thousands of cards causing retail sales of current models to go below MSRP in some cases.

As website Wccftech says, though, other evidence points at shipping dates for consumers sitting much further into the future. Its discussions with board partners that ship Nvidia GPUs with their own coolers amongst other things, say that they lack even basic information about the new models and have yet to finalize packaging.

A time frame of October or later seems far more likely, giving the current oversupply issue to calm down and presenting a more favorable launch environment for a new range of graphics cards.


This also ties in with production timeline estimates detailed over at Igor’s Lab, which point at a launch date more likely in October at the earliest and others pointing at a 2023 launch for some mid-range models such as the RTX 4060.

Questions remain over the cooler and PCB designs too, as well as power consumption. Some rumors point at power draws in excess of 500W, which could require many users to purchase new power supplies. However, any details you read about this should be treated with a high degree of skepticism given there are not even any concrete performance benchmark leaks yet.

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