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Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra will gain some significant improvements over the current Galaxy S22 Ultra, according to the latest leaked info.

Taking to Twitter, persistent leaker Ice Universe has revealed details of how Samsung’s next-gen flagship smartphone camera will perform.

Claimed improvements are:

  • A 200-megapixel sensor delivering ‘natural details and less noise.’
  • Significantly improved night mode photos
  • Twelve-megapixel photos in ‘daily mode’ are improved and the color ‘seems to be different.’
  • Improved sharpness from the 10x telephoto lens and ‘subtle changes’ at 20x, 30x and 100x.
  • Greater use of AI in telephoto shots such as ‘repairing some lines, numbers and letters to make them look more natural.’

Some of these changes are expected. After all, there’s little point in switching to a 200-megapixel sensor if image quality isn’t going to improve significantly. It’s interesting to note, however, that alongside detail improvements the tipster also claims to see less noise.

In striking a balance between detail and noise, it’s easy to improve one at the expense of the other but, if the report is to be believed, Samsung seems to have managed to improve both at the same time. This indicates a significant improvement in sensor performance.

Improved night mode photography is an encouraging sign considering the huge increase in megapixels. The Galaxy S23 Ultra will be heavily reliant on pixel binning technology here to counteract any negative effects of the sensor’s smaller pixels.


Potential Improvements in long-range zoom will please Galaxy fans because, although long-range zoom has been a key selling point for Samsung flagships since the Galaxy S20 Ultra, recent improvements from arch-rival Apple have seen the iPhone 14 Pro Max leapfrog Samsung’s zoom quality in recent tests by Dxomark. The fact that some of these improvements are to be achieved through software also leaves room for updates to trickle down to older Galaxy models.

These revelations come just days after leaked sample images, also posted by Ice Universe, show the picture quality of a purported Galaxy S23 Ultra as compared to this year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra as well as a Google Pixel 7 Pro.

All will soon be revealed, as the Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to launch early in 2023.

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