• October 7, 2022

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Meraki Go, the Cisco brand that’s aimed at small businesses wanting Wi-Fi solutions that are easy to install and secure, has launched the Router Firewall Plus (GX50). Powered by Cisco, the GX50 has upgraded capabilities including enterprise-grade security, secure client VPN, and throughput of 500+ Mbps. Better still, Meraki Go claims it can be set up in under 10 minutes even by someone without IT experience.

The Router Firewall Plus builds on the simplicity of previous Meraki Go products. I recently reviewed the brand’s Wireless Access Point and found it to be a breeze to set up. This new router now offers high-performance routing and a firewall that has sufficient power for business use. The new Router Firewall Plus has been designed to empower growing businesses that need remote work solutions.

Meraki Go claims that there are currently more than 400 million small businesses across the world and more are being set up every day. The brand claims that this growth is boosting the demand for reliable and secure Internet connections, especially for businesses that support a hybrid workforce.

One of the most important requirements for a business with remote workers is security. Apart from the built-in enterprise security powered by Cisco, which has automatic firmware and security updates, the Router Firewall Plus is equipped with a secure client VPN. High network performance is ensured with over 500 Mbps firewall throughput, plus it enables remote workers to securely access company resources from anywhere.

The new router also has a USB port, plus a WAN ethernet port that can be connected to a modem for internet access> There are four LAN Ethernet ports for high-speed wired internet connectivity to peripherals like printers and security cameras.

The new router can be set up using the cloud-managed Meraki Go app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, users can access the setup via the Meraki Go web portal. Whether using the app or the portal, setting up and managing the router is very easy and offers plenty of control and functionality. Users can adjust traffic limits and block websites easily. The app and web portal also provide insights on network usage in real-time and give the business owner full visibility of data usage and network needs.

Pricing & Availability: The Meraki Go Router Firewall Plus is available now at will cost around £299 from www.amazon.com.

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