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Loupedeck is a company that specializes in making customizable consoles, particularly for improving productivity when using software like Adobe Photoshop. The consoles can be set up to work just the way you like and once you’ve settled into a workflow, it can speed up working with Photoshop and other creative software.

Now Loupedeck is expanding its product portfolio with the introduction of the Loupedeck Live S. Loupedeck designed this new device specifically for streamers and gamers who are looking for a simple and affordable way to control their streams.

The Loupedeck Live S is a custom console with touch buttons, tactile dials and analog buttons that enable a user to have full control over their livestream, chat and external sources such as lighting and audio settings – all from a single device.

Mikko Kesti is the founder and CEO of Loupedeck. “Loupedeck’s goal has always been to streamline creative processes for our users, and with our continuously growing user base of live streamers and gamers, we wanted to provide a solution specialized to them. By taking inspiration from the Loupedeck Live, we were able to craft an affordable, intuitive, and efficient tool with everything streamers need so they never have to sacrifice creativity for optimization.”

The Live S has a touch panel arranged in a grid of three by five buttons, but that can be expanded by up to 14 pages and activated with a simple swipe. The dials set the Loupedeck Live S apart from similar products on the market by enabling streamers to carry out fine-tuned adjustments easily and precisely or even to make instant changes using the dial’s push function.

Compatible with Windows and macOS, the Loupedeck Live S comes equipped with the same software as the Loupedeck Live and CT. With its 15 touch buttons, two dials and four analog buttons, any conceivable action can be custom assigned based on the user’s preferences.

Additional features include native software integrations for popular streaming tools like Twitch, OBS, Streamlabs, or Voicemod. There are also optional plugins for creative programs like Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut Pro plus integrations for additional creative work. The device also has freely assignable dials for precise adjustments to volume, backlighting and more, as well as a dial push function for muting a microphone. The Live S also offers controls for the inputs and outputs of different sound sources which can be set separately and accurately using the unit’s unique haptic dials.

Loupedeck Marketplace enables users to download and share custom profiles, plugins and item packages from external providers, partners and influencers. Currently, there are 70 downloadable items available and Loupedeck expects the library of downloads to grow.

As with the launch of the Loupedeck+, the first product released by Loupedeck, back in 2016, the Finnish start-up is launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on June 1, to reach a community of excitable investors and gamers looking for the latest innovations.

Mikko Kesti says: “We had a great experience with Indiegogo a few years back and exceeded the goal at the time by over 400 percent. With this campaign, we wanted to ensure we were reaching that same engaged and passionate audience, while closely monitoring for feedback and rewarding early supporters of Loupedeck and the Live S with strong discounts of up to 35 percent at the time of launch.”

By launching on Indiegogo, Loupedeck hopes to raise excitement within the gaming community ahead of the shipping date and offer them a chance to purchase the console at a discounted price during the pre-sale period.

Pricing & Availability: The Loupedeck Live S is slated to go on sale in October 2022 and there are limited early bird prices starting from $106 while unlimited numbers will be available at $149. Visit the Indiegogo site below to find out more.

More info: Anyone interested in finding out more about the Loupedeck Live S crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo can visit by clicking here.


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