• December 5, 2022

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Premium TV brand Loewe has taken the wraps off a new designer TV that’s the world’s first to be crafted from ‘Syno-Stone’: A hygienic solid surface mineral that’s been crafted from locally sourced recycled materials (which can be recycled again) but looks like concrete.

Developed by Anders, a material and carpentry specialist based near Loewe’s home town of Kronach in Germany, the ‘Iconic’ isn’t just some fancy concept TV you’ll only ever see at technology shows. It’s genuinely going on sale in the UK in November in 55 and 65-inch variations, priced at £6,499 and £7,999 respectively.

Both screen sizes will be available in Graphite Grey and Clay White versions, and both sizes will also feature a built in soundbar tucked behind an elegant fabric panel attached seamlessly to the bottom edge of the Iconic’s screen.

This soundbar delivers 3.1 channels of audio fed by a remarkable 360W of power, and supports playback of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, multiroom via Play-Fi, and WDAL. You can even expand the Iconic’s audio system to a full 5.1 surround sound system by adding two optional wireless front speakers, two optional wireless rear speakers and a wireless subwoofer (the Loewe klang mr1, mr3 and mr5 respectively). Note, though, that these external speakers are not made of Syno-Stone.

The Iconic’s eye-catchingly minimalist Syno-Stone design houses a 4K OLED screen capable of playing the HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range formats. The use of OLED technology means that every pixel in the Iconic’s screen can deliver its own light independent of its neighbours, which experience shows should result in immaculate black levels, impactful local contrast, and much wider realistic viewing angles than you tend to get with TVs that use rival LCD technology.

As you might hope considering how much they cost and, I suspect, weigh, the Iconic TVs benefit from Loewe’s Premium service, meaning that the TV can be set up and installed for you by a specialised Loewe dealer.

The Iconic really does feel like a bold statement of intent from Loewe. The brand has only recently re-entered the UK TV market after being forced to withdraw in 2019, so it makes sense from a marketing perspective to create a truly attention-grabbing TV like the Iconic. More intriguingly, though, the Iconic sees Loewe invading the sort of ultra-premium TV market turf usually occupied pretty much exclusively by Bang & Olufsen, when typically we’d expect the German brand to try and keep a fair bit of clear blue pricing water between itself and its Danish rival.

Whether this is part of an ongoing strategy of targeting an even more premium customer than it historically has or whether the Iconic is a one off event associated with Loewe going all-out to develop a headline-grabbing flagship model remains to be seen. What the Iconic certainly does show, though, is that Loewe appears to be taking its UK TV resurrection very seriously indeed.


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