• October 2, 2022

Retail 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policies May Be Reaching A Point Of No Return

Not long ago, easy and no-questions-asked return policies were table stakes for retailers and even more important when transactions were conducted online. Estimates are that about half of e-commerce retailers even …

Sutu’s Circuit Breaker Launches Today

The new browser-based game, Circuit Breaker, is described by its creator, the artist known as Sutu, as “Mad Max meets Tron in a cyberpunk speedrun game set in the world of …

Apple’s Shock MacBook Pro Decision

They’ve been up in lights, they’ve sat at the bleeding edge for the last two years, and they have upended the laptop computing market. Yet Apple looks set to make the …

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has big ambitions, which is why he’s pushing to enact a 500-page rule for public companies to track and disclose gas emissions not only for themselves but also for most of their suppliers and customers. He figures this will make him a hero with the far left.


This segment of What’s Ahead explains why this rule would be a catastrophe for the American economy.

Compliance would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, particularly for suppliers and customers. Costs would be high—and for many small businesses they would be unaffordable. Hundreds of public companies would go private.

Gensler’s scheme would damage efficiency and productivity. And there are provisions in these 500 pages that are truly bizarre.

Gensler’s folly must be stopped.


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