• February 3, 2023

Could The TikTok Deinfluencing Backlash Topple Influencer Culture?

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3 Student Loan Forgiveness Updates For 3 Critical Initiatives

Student loan forgiveness continues to evolve as a combination of legal and policy changes impact debt relief eligibility and timelines under several Biden administration programs. Here are three important updates that …

9 Viral Photos And Videos That Are Actually Fake

The internet is filled with interesting photos and videos that pop up in our social media feeds, entertain us for a few seconds, and then we move on to the next …

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is closed today, July 1, to mark the former British colony’s return to mainland rule.

It’s formally described as “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day” on the exchange website.

For investors looking to buy or sell China shares, U.S.-listed companies such as NIO, XPeng, JD.com, Baidu and Alibaba will still be trading hands tomorrow.

Mainland China exchanges are open as usual today. The Hong Kong Exchange will reopen on Monday.


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