• November 28, 2022

It’s An Omnichannel Holiday: Online Stays Strong As Shoppers Return To Stores

Americans embraced in-person shopping this Black Friday weekend, returning to stores and malls in big numbers. But early results for the weekend showed that consumers’ love affair with online shopping remains …

Holiday Inflation Watch: Thanksgiving Travel & Menus Took A Hit

The holiday inflation watch continues. This time, it’s Thanksgiving and plenty of consumers are feeling ungrateful for inflation as it slashed travel plans and slimmed down portions this year. In the …

First Legal Cannabis Retail Licenses Hit New York’s Massive Market

A mere 20 years after this article’s cover photo was taken, New York State is about to welcome its first-ever legal cannabis retail dispensaries. In November, New York’s Office of Cannabis …

Upsets are always possible in this era of constant uncertainty, but it looks like the GOP will take control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives next term.


This episode of What’s Ahead discusses why Republicans must start with a bill that sweeps away the Biden Administration’s arbitrary barriers to oil and gas development on federal lands. The world faces serious shortages of energy. Waging war against oil and gas for unscientific reasons is both frivolous and dangerous.

Also examined in this episode are other areas that must be addressed, including taxes and defense. Biden may veto much of this pro-growth agenda, which will hurt Democrats because it will hurt the country.


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