• December 7, 2022

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I can remember the first time I showed the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro to a friend. He said, “Oh my goodness, this tablet is enormous.” He didn’t like it. But later 12.9-inch iPad Pro models were smaller (thanks to thinner bezels and no front-facing Touch ID button) and were met with a better response. Now, it looks like Apple is planning to push the envelope again, as soon as next year.

According to The Information, Apple is working on an iPad with a way bigger display—16 inches—to be released next fall.


Size isn’t everything, we know, but just imagine a tablet this size for a moment. It’s plenty big. And it would mean the tablet would be the same size as the biggest MacBook Pro. Given that the current biggest iPad has a slightly smaller display (12.9 inches) than the smallest Apple laptop (13 inches), this is quite the leap.

There have been other rumors of big-screen iPads, though not quite as large as this. Still, a previous report has claimed a 14-inch iPad Pro was in the works.

Which would mean that maybe Apple is thinking of matching iPad display size to the two larger MacBook Pro sizes, 14-inch and 16-inch.

I’m slightly skeptical about this. After all, it’s not like the bezels on the iPad Pro could get much smaller. Unless there’s a cut-out for the Face ID camera, perhaps, which could signal Dynamic Island might arrive on the tablet—which sounds pretty cool.

But one of the things that makes the iPad so portable is its light weight, and it’s hard to see how a 14-inch iPad Pro would remain super-light, let alone a 16-incher.

It’s true that the iPad Pro design has been in place, more or less, for a record-breaking four years in the case of the 12.9-inch model, so it’s certainly possible that an all-new look is planned for next year. In which case, 2023 could be a very exciting year for the iPad.


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