• June 6, 2023

Adobe Reports After The Close On 6/15 — Options Contracts Expire The Next Day

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Snapping at the heels of the recently announced RØDECaster Pro II mixing console is another classy piece of podcasting hardware, this time from Focusrite, the makers of the excellent Clarett and Scarlett USB audio interfaces.

Vocaster is a brand-new range of audio tools designed for the booming podcasting market as well as other creators of audio content. With Vocaster, podcasters and other content creators have everything necessary to begin producing audio with the kind of quality you’d normally expect from a professional recording studio. Better still, the Vocaster units take seconds to set up and are easy to use.

The Vocaster range consists of two standalone interfaces: the Vocaster One and the Vocaster Two. The two units are also available as studio packs – the Vocaster One Studio and the Vocaster Two Studio. Each kit includes everything a podcaster needs, such as headphones and a microphone, to record high-quality podcasts straight out of the box.

With the Vocaster kits, the user just needs to plug in the interface to a computer and then follow the “Easy Start” onboarding process. Focusrite claims that no matter where the user is in their creative journey, whether they’re just starting as a complete beginner and building a home podcasting studio from scratch, or if they’re looking to take an existing setup to the next level.

The entry-level Vocaster One is a fuss-free interface designed for a solo podcaster. It offers the ability to produce high-quality sound with no prior training. All the user needs to do is set the levels, enhance the sound with a single click and start recording.

The Vocaster Two is designed for more dynamic content with two hosts or a host and a guest. It can also be used to inject audio segments. The Vocaster Two interface has two microphone inputs and two headphone outputs for recording and listening back. Guests can also be hosted over the phone using Bluetooth or a single cable analog audio cable.

For Vloggers, the Vocaster Two just requires one able to add studio sound to a video. Both Vocaster interfaces also have a camera output, making it possible to record high-quality audio directly to a camera, removing the need to sync the audio and video tracks in post-production.

Vocaster Hub is Focusrite’s companion app for controlling the Vocaster interface. It operates as a central hub for setting up, recording and mixing a podcast or show. The software can be used to adjust the Vocaster settings, set levels, enhance the sound and route audio from a phone or computer.

Both interfaces offer Auto Gain for setting levels quickly and easily. Focusrite claims the mic preamps have plenty of gain on tap, sufficient for the most popular broadcast mics without the need for a booster. The Enhance function can reveal the true potential of a voice with the click of a button, producing clarity on the first take. There are three podcaster-approved voice presets available to bring out the best in any vocal recording.

Coughs and sneezes are a podcasting hazard and to handle these minor interruptions, the Vocaster interfaces have a Mute button that will silence the mic until the coughing or sneezing stops ready to go again. Meanwhile, the Loopback feature makes it easy to stream pre-recorded segments such as intros, outros, interviews, jingles and background music into a show, all from the host computer.

Creating a kit for recording a podcast can be quite daunting for those who are completely new to the process. For those people, Focusrite has assembled kits that are all ready to go. Instead of sifting through brochures, specs and reviews, wondering if a mic and headphones are going to work well together with the interface. Vocaster Studio Packs take the guesswork out of building a home studio by providing everything needed to begin recording high-quality podcasts straight away.

The Vocaster One Studio Pack includes the Vocaster One interface, a Vocaster DM1 dynamic mic with a built-in grille and pop filter, plus a pair of HP60v closed-back studio headphones for hearing the playback in perfect detail.

The Vocaster Two Studio Bundle includes the Vocaster Two interface, Focusrite’s premium Vocaster DM14v dynamic mic and HP60v closed-back studio headphones. The Vocaster DM14v dynamic mic has a built-in windshield and shock mount for professional results. Also included is the Vocaster software bundle, a full suite of apps worth over $600. It is the first fully-featured software bundle for Podcasters available with an audio interface. Partnering with Acast, Hindenburg, and Squadcast, Vocaster users can record, edit and share a show right away.

The Vocaster range is covered by a three-year warranty and is designed to provide many years of reliable performance. Focusrite has also worked hard to reduce the environmental impact of the interfaces by choosing selected components. The units are packed in biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Pricing & Availability: The Focusrite Vocaster One costs £189.99 / $199.99. The Vocaster One Studio costs £289.99 / $299.99. The Vocaster Two sells for £289.99 / $299.99 while the Vocaster Two Studio will retail for £469.99 / $499.99. The Vocaster interfaces will be available to order from June 1st, 2022, from Focusrite.com, Amazon and all good musical equipment retailers.

More info: Focusrite.com


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