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Flytrex, the Israeli drone delivery start-up, has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration in the US to expand its services in North Carolina and Texas.

The FAA granted approval for the company to expand its delivery radius from one to two nautical miles from the bases it operates in the two states.

Flytrex has been operating in suburban areas in Granbury, Texas near Dallas-Fort Worth and in three regions of North Carolina, carrying out food and goods deliveries via drone.

According to the company, this latest approval expands its potential customer base from 40,000 to 100,000.

The start-up which works with a drone tech company called Causey Unmanned Aviation in the two states said it can carry out deliveries in three minutes. It has inked deals with major retailers like Walmart and Target.

“Drone delivery at scale is finally taking off, and this approval from the FAA positions us squarely at the forefront of that movement,” chief executive Yariv Bash said.

“This approval allows us to reach roughly 100,000 customers with our ultrafast delivery, and we look forward to continuing this exciting flightpath to one day bring three-minute delivery to the tens of millions of backyards across the US.”

Flytrex has raised over $60 million from VC backers and began testing its drones initially in Iceland before focusing on the US market.


It completed the FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program and is participating in the authority’s BEYOND programme for developing autonomous drones.

Bash previously said the US remains the company’s focus and may potentially open in a third location in the country later this year.

One of Flytrex’s chief rivals is Irish start-up Manna, which is pursuing a similar model but in Europe. It plans to enter up to six new European markets in 2023 under recently imposed legislation in the EU.


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