• March 31, 2023

Google Hit With New Lawsuit For Restricting Ad Competition

Google is facing a multi-billion dollar lawsuit in the UK, brought by a British journalist, claiming it has a stranglehold on the ad tech market. The collective claim for £3.6 billion …

End Of CARES Act Home Confinement Is Near For Many Federal Prisoners

The United States Senate voted Wednesday to terminate a COVID-19 pandemic ​national emergency order which had recently been extended by President Joe Biden. The CARES Act was set to expire on …

Supreme Court Will Decide How Aggressive The IRS Can Be When Hunting For A Delinquent Taxpayer’s Assets

As taxpayers and politicians argue about the impact of additional IRS funding, the Supreme Court is taking a look at the rules for collecting financial and other information without notice to …

Apple has developed a new technology that could radically improve camera performance in future iPhones.

This year’s iPhone 14 range is tipped to feature some big camera upgrades, but Apple still has plenty more tricks up its sleeve. According to a newly-filed patent application, the company has developed a new kind of telephoto lens capable of delivering improved zoom capabilities.

The patent, as picked up by PatentlyApple, details a new ‘folded’ telephoto lens featuring a novel single-prism design. Folded lenses typically use complex systems of prisms and/or mirrors to reroute light sideways within a smartphone’s housing. However, having the light pass through multiple optical elements can cause potentially significant reductions in picture quality.


Apple’s prism can deploy various configurations of reflective surfaces, anti-reflective surfaces and aperture masks in order to produce the desired result without the need for as many optical components.

Telephoto lenses small enough for smartphone use are notoriously difficult to design, expensive to produce and typically deliver inferior quality to the phone’s main lens. This is why the most powerful optical zoom specifications are currently reserved for flagship products. Apple still has a bit of catching up to do in this area, but designs like this one point to exciting new zoom cameras in the iPhone’s future.

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