• February 1, 2023

Fed Raises Rates Another 25 Basis Points—Signals More Hikes Still To Come

Topline The Federal Reserve slowed the pace of its interest rate hikes on Wednesday, but signaled additional rate increases this year will likely be necessary in order to cool inflation that …

New 2023 IRS Standard Mileage Rates

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued new standard mileage rates for operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes in 2023. New IRS Mileage Rates The new IRS …

Cut Price David Jones And Plunging Sales Spook Australian Retailers

It might be the summer season Down Under, but storm clouds are gathering for Australia’s retail sector, as the cost of living squeeze takes hold. An industry already rocked by the …

Apple-iC5-Campaign-via -Tumblr-9

Pac Man, bubble wrap, a concert, popcorn, a fashion runway…these are only a handful of audiovisual concepts behind Apple’s new animation campaign for the iPhone5C (dubbed isee5) custom color series.

In what appears to be Apple’s first social media campaign (they don’t actually have Facebook on their site, nor Twitter media), and their first digital-only advertising, Apple partners with Tumblr to capitalize on the animated gif in their iC5 campaign: Every Color Has a Story.


The über covert Apple creatives tap universal social culture as they align stories with each colored phone followed by the signature phone grid and a flip message in different languages. A lineup of animations have been spotted online from the Tumblr page as the campaign generates buzz around the personalization of the iPhone 5c series.

Apple-iC5-Campaign-via -Tumblr-4

Apple-iC5-Campaign-via -Tumblr-2

Apple-iC5-Campaign-via -Tumblr-5


Apple-iC5-Campaign-via -Tumblr-6


Apple-iC5-Campaign-via -Tumblr-8

Apple-iC5-Campaign-via -Tumblr-9



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