• December 3, 2022

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When Apple released its latest in-ear headphones, AirPods Pro second generation, the reviews were very positive (including here on Forbes). Astonishingly good noise-cancelling, striking features and strong battery life were among the items that critics praised.

But now, some users have a rather less positive response, because their AirPods Pro 2 aren’t behaving.

I’ll say right now that this was not my experience. I have had pitch-perfect, dreamily good audio from my AirPod Pro second generation. But some users have suffered from audio drifting.

It sounds rather romantic, doesn’t it? But it means that the audio shifts between left and right earbud when you don’t want it to. It also means that the audio can get out of sync when you’re watching video, which is frankly annoying.


Some users are putting it down to Spatial Audio, but that’s not what that feature is meant to achieve, obviously. Others are finding the volume levels change almost at random, and they have stressed that it’s not down to Spatial Audio or the brilliant dynamic head tracking features as they have switched these off.

More users have complained about “the audio moving around” and “vocals moving to the far left side while on ANC”.

All of which is worrying. Apple hasn’t said anything about this issue yet, which suggests that for now at least it’s a very rare experience, so let’s hope it remains that way.

Even so, to have this kind of sonic issue is hardly desirable, even if it’s only happening to a few people. After all, the AirPods Pro second generation have only just gone on sale.

One user summed it up like this: “Audio drifting to the left AirPod. Unlistenable when it happens.”

If this issue becomes more commonplace, you can bet Apple will solve it with a software update pronto. Or maybe it’s so rare it will vanish as swiftly as it came. Let’s hope so.


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