• February 1, 2023

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Only last week, I told you about a slew of new laptop chargers coming onto the marker with the latest GaN technology. Gallium Nitride chipsets offer charges with higher wattage that can charge almost any USB-C powered device and the technology is intelligent and ideally suited to charging multiple devices efficiently.

Now Anker is unveiling its new range of GaNPrime chargers, which can directly redistribute power from plug to plug based on the power needs of the devices being charged. This intelligent redistribution of power offered by the GaNPrime chargers can substantially reduce charging time.

Another advantage of the GaNPrime chargers is that they can reduce electricity consumption with every charge. The GaNPrime range includes wall chargers, power banks and even power strips.

Gallium Nitride is used in the latest generation of satellites and radar. In 2018, Anker started using GaN in its charging devices because it enabled the brand to produce smaller, lighter chargers. When charging multiple devices, the new chargers use PowerIQ 4.0, which can intelligently detect the power requirements of each connected device. The system automatically adjusts the power distribution, reducing overall charging time by up to an hour.

Another feature new to the GaNPrime range is ActiveShield 2.0. This feature intelligently monitors temperature and adjusts power output to prevent overheating and protect the connected devices being charged. Anker claims that, compared to previous generations, ActiveShield 2.0 has an increased temperature detection frequency of 76%.

The new chargers also feature Anker’s proprietary mini-transformer technology, making GaNPrime products up to 53% smaller than silicon laptop chargers. In addition, thanks to the increased power output, a single GaNPrime device can charge up to four or even six devices simultaneously, depending on the charger.

Anker says that the benefits of GaNPrime don’t end with device charging. It claims that the most exciting benefit of GaNPrime chargers is their increased power efficiency. With each charge, users can save more than 7% in energy consumption compared to old-style silicon chargers. Helpfully, the people at Anker put that into context by pointing out that: “if everyone in the United States used the 150W GaNPrime charger for a year, we could save up to 796 million kilowatt-hours. That would be enough energy to power the entire state of Hawaii for one month.”

Additionally, Anker has long advocated for the universal adoption of the USB-C standard. As a result, the company ensures its chargers are compatible with the broadest range of devices. And because a single GaNPrime charger and USB-C cable can power over 1,000 mobile devices, this eliminates the need for consumers to own multiple chargers and substantially reduces the amount of e-waste created by older or proprietary device chargers.

Pricing & Availability: Most of Anker’s new GaNPrime power products will go on sale today via Amazon.com or Anker.com. Certain products will be available later in Q3. The prices are:

  • Anker 735 Charger (65W) $59.99
  • Anker 615 Power Strip $69.99.
  • Anker 727 Charging Station $94.99.
  • Anker 737 Charger (120W) $94.99.
  • Anker 733 Power Bank $99.99: Available for pre-order from Amazon.com and shipping in late Q3. Anker 747 Charger (150W) $109.99: Available for pre-order from Amazon.com or Anker.com and shipping late Q3.

More info: Anker.com


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