• March 21, 2023

How Cotopaxi Provides Sibly’s AI-Assisted Coaching 24/7 To Employees

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SVB Is A Story Of Digital Herds In Need Of A Shepherd

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Built Robotics Unveils Autonomous Pile Driving Robot, Expediting Solar Rollout

Built Robotics has introduced an autonomous pile driving robot that will help build utility-scale solar farms in a faster, safer, more cost-effective way, and make solar viable in even the most …

This episode of What’s Ahead warns that a torrent of antitrust initiatives is coming and reveals why investors had better be concerned.


For instance, Big Tech has an awful odor, thanks to a politically lethal combination of abuse and arrogance. But the proffered remedies, such as busting them up, would do real harm to equity values and product innovation. The original trustbuster himself, Teddy Roosevelt, admonished that size in and of itself is not bad.

The Biden Administration and regulatory agencies that are now dominated by Democrats will be pushing schemes on how they think companies and industries should be managed, a fatal form of backseat driving that will drive up prices and create shortages.

When it comes to this kind of antitrust, less would be more.


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