• June 5, 2023

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By Dr. Christine Manukyan, founder and CEO of STORRIE Institute.

Taking the leap into starting your own holistic wellness coaching practice is one of the best decisions you can make as a health care professional. This step in your career can grant you the freedom that you’ve always dreamt of having.

While becoming your own boss and seeing clients as a holistic wellness coach is a beautiful journey, it can be a little difficult to navigate for the first time. After all, I know I didn’t enroll in any business classes throughout my doctorate program… So how are we supposed to take this next step without any formal training?

The best starting point in beginning your own holistic wellness coaching practice is fully grasping who you want to serve as a client. Here are three tips you need to know to attract your dream clients to your holistic wellness coaching practice.

Identify who you want to serve.

When building your holistic wellness coaching practice, you have the freedom and control over who you take on as clients. It’s important that you narrow down your target marketing as precisely as possible so that you can communicate with them most effectively. You might ask yourself:

What lifestyle does my client live?

What are my client’s interests?

What is my client’s socioeconomic status?

What are my client’s pain points?

What health problems does my client typically face?

By reflecting on the answers to these questions, you can begin to fully envision and understand who your dream client is.


Effectively communicate with your dream client.

In order to establish your holistic wellness coaching practice’s stake in the market, you must reach your client and communicate with them effectively. Here are some guidelines to help you build a relationship with them.

• Meet them where they are.

What social media platforms does your client frequent? Where do they visit during their weekly errand runs?

When you’ve identified the online and physical environments that your client lives in, join them. Become a part of the same ecosystem as your client so that you can begin building your relationship.

• Fill the gap that they are searching for.

In creating your holistic wellness coaching practice, you need to identify the gap in the industry that you can fill.

What can you offer that every other health coach is missing? What does your client wish they could receive when visiting a holistic wellness coach?

Identify the gap, fill the gap and use it as your secret weapon in establishing your competitive advantage.

Learn how to use “no” as a complete sentence.

Lastly, it is just as important to understand who you do not want to work with, as it is to identify your dream client.

You cannot be everything to everyone. If you attempt to serve every individual who inquires about your services, you will spread yourself too thin and lose the spark that is tying you to your dream client.

Know your worth and know your passions. Focus on the clients who you have a connection with. By building your holistic wellness coaching practice around the lifestyle, pain points and environments of your dream client, you can create a brand that attracts them to you without them even realizing it.

At the end of the day, we are health care professionals transitioning into holistic wellness coaching. We are equipped with the responsibility to serve our clients and provide them with options. By keeping your dream client in mind while making every business decision, your holistic wellness coaching practice can become the answer to all of their problems. You can then quickly begin using your talents to care for those whom you are most passionate about.


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